God places us in so many different seasons of life. They’re all different ways for us to learn more about ourselves, our walk with Him & where He is leading us.

This current season of life has been SO hard.

When things are difficult it is easy to get emotional & to react based on those emotions, which is exactly what I’ve been doing. Why have I been acting this way? Well, I am a planner. I like control & I like having some idea of where my path is leading. One of my biggest struggles has been letting go of my need for control & letting God do his will.

Although it is hard, I let go & let God lead my family to Miami. I was hesitant but in each questionable or worrisome situation, God provided. He listened to our prayers & like the gracious God that he is, He opened so many doors for us.
Yet here I am again, in this struggle to relinquish control. Life has been so difficult lately. Life hasn’t been going as “planned”. There has been so many changes, some have been  great and some entirely discouraging.
Although I am still struggling & being way too emotional, I am positively certain that God has a plan. I know God will open doors throughout this new season. I know that He will provided & reveal His plan for me and my family.

I know I will learn more about myself, my marriage, my family & my walk with God.


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