There are moments like this, when I look at Ellie and wish I can take midday naps or cry loudly when I don’t get my way. Sometimes I wish for a break from the everyday cycle of life. Yet, life is not like that. As you get older, you face various transitions. Transitions that can be minor or life changing, exciting or exhausting.

Transitions that can seem so overwhelming yet lead you to an amazing beginning.

In this last season of life, Justin & I have experienced SO MUCH change. We got engaged, got married, moved to a new state & had a baby in less than a year. Two months after the birth of our baby we moved yet again. Throughout all the change, rather than settling into our new roles as spouses & parents, we were eager to dive into the next transition. We got so caught up in what was happening out of our home, that we became so overwhelmed with everything inside of our home.

So here we are, a year later, finally letting life sink in. Finally realizing that we need to cherish, learn, and love each other before we can take on anymore transitions.

It has been hard to reach this understanding. We’ve been so determined to succeed & not ask for help. We have been prideful & stubborn. But all those things finally fell away as I found myself bursting into tears for any little thing and becoming easily frustrated. The transitions of our life had finally reached an all time high & had become too much. This led to us finally giving up the facade of “being okay” & embracing the grace/support from family, friend & strangers.

We still have so much to learn and so much to work through, but my heart is so full as I think of the path that we are on. We know we will experience more transitions but we now know how to support each other through it all.

We know we have a lifetime full of transitions, yet we won’t forget to take our midday nap & appreciate the rest.





2 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. ❤️ What a great lesson for all of us moving through life changes. Even us older folks need this reminder in today’s fast pace world.


  2. Bella bella suoer bella mi niña Rosa, su estilo de vida y su pasion al amor , gracias mimi por commpartirnos estas bellas historias que no son facíl pero son maravillosas, te amo Dios te bendiga siempre y te cuide y a tu bella familia.💕❤️


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