Miami, Florida

This weekend we spent our first weekend away from Miami. A place we have called home for almost a year. The great city of Miami is full of such amazing experiences! We have had so many great memories including our last weekend in Miami! We got to do some more exploring!

We started our Saturday with one of my all time favorite places, The Salty Donut. Have I mentioned how much I love donuts? This is Miami’s first donut shop & they sell delicious artisan donuts. We got to enjoy delicious donuts with some of our Miami family!


Every second Saturday of the month, Miami offers free admission to all the museums. We got to explore the PAMM (Perez Art Museum Miami). The PAMM is filled with beautiful exhibits & surrounded by beautiful park. It is located next to American Airlines Arena and has great views of the ocean & Port Miami.


The beautiful Museum Park is nice refreshing part of Miami. It is a peaceful getaway from the hustle & bustle of the city life. It’s walking path is lined with palm trees & ocean views. Eliora loved the wide open space & tried her best to roam on her own.



It was a fantastic last weekend in Miami. It is a city that has a piece of my heart. It is the place that my daughter spent her first year of life. It is the place that my little family grew closer together & learned to depend on one another. We have created wonderful friendships, tried delicious foods & seen beautiful views.

There is really no place like Miami.



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