LDW 2016

After moving & experiencing a lot of change, my family and I haven’t had much down time. New state, new job, new routines & new responsibilities have allowed minimal time for anything else. But this past holiday weekend finally allowed for some long overdue family fun.  Our labor day weekend was spent with family, friends, football & fairs! It was an exciting, sunny & beautiful 3 days!

Saturday, after some fun shopping, Eliora & I got to experience our very first UK football game. It was quite the night! Justin is a diehard Kentucky fan. The first gift he ever gave me were two UK t-shirts! I thought I knew what I was marrying into but March Madness & UK football games bring out a whole new side of my husband! Needless to say, Eliora might turn out the same way! Throughout the entire game, she was cheering, dancing, laughing &  in complete awe of the entire stadium.

We started with some tailgating. Can’t tailgate without cornhole & delicious food! Ellie loved cornhole with Juju & spending time with the newest family addition, her baby cousin, Silas!


The gorgeous Commonwealth Stadium was filled with UK fans & they all cheered/booed/laughed/screamed as one. It was an unforgettable night even with the tough loss. Ellie enjoyed every second as did I. We can’t wait to attend some more games!


Sunday was spent at Louisville’s Worldfest! We got to meet up with friends & explored what different cultures have to offer. There were various performances, souvenirs & foods to enjoy! I ran to have a taste of home, Puerto Rican food while also dancing some Bachata. It was a beautiful day spent with my favorites & Eliora couldn’t leave without playing in the water!


We ended our Sunday Funday with a trip to our favorite ice cream place, Graeter’s! They have fantastic flavors & I picked the seasonal Blueberry Pie. IT WAS DELICIOUS. Ellie helped me devour it!


It was a great weekend filled with so many happy memories. It was a well need time after the hustle & bustle of day to day life. I look forward to more amazing experiences to share with you all!




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