Casita de Arnold | Kitchen & Dining

We have been in our new home for about two months. It is still a work in progress but I have loved every bit of making it our own. “Casita De Arnold” is going to be series of posts introducing different rooms of our home after we have finally made it our own.

Here is a glimpse into my favorite room of the house: the kitchen/dining area! It is the room that had me head over heels the moment I stepped in it. Take a look!

I am not sure what I love the most: the natural light, the butcher block countertops, gas range or the original hardwood floors. The open concept made it so easy for me to imagine hosting family & friends.


Most of my family & friends also know that I am a sucker for subway tile. I mean, who isn’t? I loved how the sun reflects off of it & how it is a great balance with the light grey walls.


I have been looking for some extra greenery to add to the house. I love the way it brings a room together. But of course, they have to be artificial plants because I am a plant killer. I have killed EVERY plant I have purchased.


Every place we have lived has had an electric range. So when I walked in & saw a gas range, I flipped out! I grew up cooking with my mom on a gas range. It may just be me, but things just taste better with a gas range.


I like to move furniture/appliances/everything whenever I get the chance. I do it at home & at work ALL the time. So these appliances have been everywhere & who knows if they will last here.


This table was a gift from my parents. It has traveled from PA to MD to FL & now KY. This is probably the biggest dining area we’ve had for it. I love the darker wood & the hightop table/chairs. It has always been one of my favorite pieces of furniture that we own.


The kitchen is what brings a home together & I am so overjoyed by this one.
I can’t wait to finish up the rest of the house. It is slowly but surely becoming OUR home.



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