Kentucky Science Center

After a rough week of being sick, busy and exhausted, we devoted our Saturday to a family Fun Day! With a 20 month old always on the move, we try to be intentional about where to take her. Eliora loves to run & play, so we knew that the Kentucky Science Center would be a great place to take her!

The Kentucky Science Center is located in the center of Downtown Lousiville. It is one of many attractions found on Museum Row. Downtown is one of my favorite parts of Louisville. The beautiful architecture makes walking down Main Street so enjoyable.


The first thing you’ll notice when you walk towards the entrance are the sculptures & the giant mosaic mirror! It is such a cool way to get you excited about what you’ll see inside!


Once you get inside, you are in a giant room filled with various attractions and hallways to interactive exhibits. Eliora ran to the mirror maze, the noodle swings & the create your own roller coaster exhibits. I am pretty sure her favorite one was the noodles!

img_1587img_1589img_1592img_1593img_1595img_1599img_1602They have so many small exhibits made for little ones to explore. As we traveled from exhibit to exhibit, she was able to find things that were engaging & fun! From water tables to shadow play, she was always moving, exploring & having fun.

img_1604img_1605img_1607img_1612img_1611img_1620img_1626img_1629img_1632img_1633img_1634img_1637img_1639img_1641The Kentucky Science Center had so many opportunities for you to engage in fun science activities with your little one. Being able to see her light up with excitement made this trip so amazing.


We loved exploring the Kentucky Science Center! We can’t wait to see what else we can do in the awesome city of Louisville!




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