March 2017

It is so hard to believe that it is already March. Where has all the time gone?
I am still trying to catch up.

Life has been so BUSY.

Tomorrow will mark three months of living in our new home.
Eliora will be two in three months.
School will be over in three months.

SO much. SO fast.


Our new home has been coming together… slowly. The last two years we have rented small spaces & transitions have been somewhat easy. Transitioning to a house is exciting but so overwhelming. It is so much fun to make each room your own, but getting to that point & having it done seems so far from actually happening. Although it has had it’s stressful aspects, it has been a dream come true.  Having a house & making it a home has made my heart so full.


As for my baby girl… wait. SHE IS NO LONGER A BABY. I am somewhat freaking out about this. She is 21 months old now & each day she does/learns something new. She has been talking in sentences & has no problem asking for things she wants or expressing her dislike for things she doesn’t want. It is so much fun to see her personality explode. She has grown up so fast & it is so hard to remember the little bundle she was 21 months ago.


& finally, school. This is my third year as an inner city teacher & it is possibly the easiest transition within my teaching career. I have taught in 3 different cities & states within the last three years. I have experienced so many highs & so many lows. But this year has been so reassuring, uplifting & reaffirming. I am teaching Pre-K, which is what I taught for 5 years before getting my degree. It reignited a stronger passion & love for my career. I am still learning so much within teaching & I can’t wait for what they future holds.


Man, it has been yet another busy season. But such a good one. God has seen us through so much. I know He will continue to guide & strengthen us for what ever lies ahead.



2 thoughts on “March 2017

  1. Rosa- what a beautiful home and family you have! I am sure you are an amazing teacher to the Pre K- we know from experience! and be patient with “stuff” to do around the house- the love is what makes it a home! 🙂


    1. thank you so much! I love seeing updates of your family & how they have grown! Anna was in my very first graduating Pre-K class! Now she’s in musicals & performing & I just might cry! ❤ Your kiddos are so precious!


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