Resurrected Builds | Record Player Table

A couple of Christmas’ ago, my family bought me a record player. I was so excited about it & loved listening to my favorite vinyls. When Justin & I got married, we began to expand the record collection & placed the record player on whatever furniture we had: side tables, benches, dressers, etc. Once we moved into our home, we knew wanted to have special furniture pieces. That is when we decided to reach out to Resurrected Builds.

When we lived in Miami, we met some great people. One of them was the creator of Resurrected Builds, William. With a passion for woodwork & people in the West Grove, William creates furniture while training & hiring others in his community.

IMG_2641When we moved into our home, we knew that we wanted to work with him but didn’t know what piece. We gave him a really long list & asked him to pick one! Like I mentioned, we had no idea what we wanted. He chose the record player & we are so glad he did.

IMG_2642IMG_2653After looking at some sketches, he was hard at work. Yesterday, we were surprised with the final product.


William did an amazing job choosing different woods that go with our style. The top is Jatoba, which is an exotic hardwood found in central & South America. The paneled sides are Red Oak. The supports are made out of Clear Fir Pine.


IMG_2643IMG_2648It is beautifully crafted & we are so happy to have piece of Miami in our new home. We look forward to working with William again soon! If you are looking for great, show stopping pieces check out Resurrected Builds!



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