Newport Aquarium

Eliora is pretty obsessed with Disney movies, just like me! One of her favorite is “Nemo” and the fishes! So this past weekend we had a family day at the Newport Aquarium in Northern Kentucky.

The aquarium is located across the water of Cincinnati. We got to eat lunch with a beautiful view of the city before heading into the aquarium!



Once we were inside, Eliora went crazy with all the things to see & touch! She also loved running through all the halls filled with tanks!


With all the hands-on and interactive exhibits, there was plenty for Eliora to enjoy! Her favorites were the sharks, sting rays & penguin exhibits! She was also all about hugging the animals!


Not only do you get to touch the Stingrays, you can crawl under their tank to get a better glimpse of them. Ellie was all about crawling through the tunnel!


Penguins are Justin’s favorite animal & I think he has passed his love for them to Ellie. She LOVED the penguin exhibit. She did not want to stop hugging them!




We did finally find our favorite friends, Nemo & Dory!


It was a great day trip on a beautiful day! Eliora loved seeing all the beautiful animals. If you are ever in the Cincinnati area, check out the Newport Aquarium.



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