June 2017

Life has been crazy & so busy! With summer in full swing, we’ve had so much going on. Take a glance into our first month of summer vacation!

Eliora’s 2nd Birthday Party

We started off the month with our precious babygirl turning two! *insert crying face*
We celebrated with a “Moana” themed birthday & all of our favorite people!


We went all out with decorations & guests wore their best Hawaiian shirts. All the kiddos got to play in the kiddie pool & enjoy some delicious cake! I made the Kakamora cups with a little bit of paint & filled them with candy as the goody bags!

It was an awesome party filled with so much laughter, memories & fun!

South Carolina

In mid-June we got to surprise my best friends in SC! We got to hangout with them, meet their new precious babe & explore their city, Columbia! We also got to make a day trip to Charleston, SC!


Little Sister’s Wedding

We ended our road trip in the PA/NJ area to celebrate my little sister’s wedding! She got married to the man of her dreams & it was so beautiful! We had so much fun celebrating the lovely couple as well as squeezing in time with my family!


Finn Arnold

We ended the month with welcoming a new member to our family! We got an adorable beagle, Finn! We are so excited to have Eliora grow up with him!


It was a nonstop month filled with so much! We loved every bit of it. I hope you’re enjoying your summer, just like we are!



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