Louisville Love

This past June marked a year of us living in Louisville. That is the longest we’ve lived anywhere in the last three years! As time has past, I’ve grown to love our city & all the great things it has to offer. One of the things that God has placed on my heart this past year, especially after years of constant moving, is loving where you are.

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When we moved to Kentucky, it was really hard for me to love where I was because I still wasn’t sure if this was where we were suppose to be. I was waiting for something to happen that would cause us to move again. Yet, God lined everything up for us to stay planted here in Louisville. Once you know you are planted somewhere, it is easy to flourish in all that you do. 

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This past year in Louisville has been filled with extraordinary opportunities, growth, hardship, love and affirmation that God knows what He’s doing in & for our life. I am so excited to see what is in store for our future in Louisville.



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