Shady Lane Farm & Pumpkin Patch 2017

Let’s be real, you can never have enough pumpkins during the Fall season! We took a second trip to a local farm to get some more pumpkins & enjoy some beautiful, unFall like weather!

Shady Lane Farm & Pumpkin Patch is located in Shepherdsville, KY. It’s only a twenty minute drive from our home, which is closer than our previous trip to Huber’s. Fall being  my favorite season, I like to take advantage of every opportuinty I can get to do all the Fall things.

shady lane-13shady lane-113shady lane-109shady lane-107shady lane-108

Before we got into pumpkin picking & running through corn mazes, we got to pet some goats! Eliora & her cousin, Silas, love animals! So they excitedly ran over to the fence to pet the adorable goats!

shady lane-2shady lane-5shady lane-8shady lane-11

Then we were off to our hayride! Eliora rushed to the closest seat to the tractor & watched as in rode us through the farm. The tractor drove us through old barns and houses that were decorated with scarecrows and Halloween bats. She loved pointing it all out to us as we passed them.

shady lane-14shady lane-16shady lane-18shady lane-17shady lane-25shady lane-28shady lane-27shady lane-30shady lane-29shady lane-33

Once we made it to the pumpkin patch, we went on a hunt for the perfect pumpkins! Kentucky has been extremely hot for Fall. This day was no exception. Walking up and down the field was not easy but we were on a mission!

shady lane-36shady lane-40shady lane-43shady lane-41shady lane-44shady lane-52shady lane-60shady lane-64shady lane-77shady lane-76shady lane-79

We found some great pumpkins to add to our already growing collection! Once the pumpkin hunt was done, we were off to the corn maze! The little ones were excited abouth the actual corn rather than going through the maze!

shady lane-82shady lane-84shady lane-85shady lane-90shady lane-92shady lane-91shady lane-94shady lane-96

Shady Lane Farm was a great, local farm that allowed us to make some more Fall memories! The little babes loved running, exploring & playing together while looking for pumpkins!

shady lane-103

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