A Pumpkin Carving Tradition

One year ago today, while carving pumpkins, Justin & I found that the offer we made on our first house was accepted! It was such a beautiful & exciting moment that we will always hold dear to us. Due to that sweet memory, we decided to make pumpkin carving on October 30th a new family tradition!

Last year, Eliora was not as impressed with carving. Today she started off a bit skeptical due to the icky interior of the pumpkin. But after spending sometime scooping seeds out, she loved flinging pumpkin gook all over the place!

pumpkin carving-7pumpkin carving-8pumpkin carving-9pumpkin carving-10pumpkin carving-13pumpkin carving-14pumpkin carving-23

Once we went through emptying out our pumpkins, we decided on our faces! We let Ellie decided if she wanted to make a happy, spooky or sad face! All she wanted to do was “color” on the pumpkin.

pumpkin carving-25pumpkin carving-26pumpkin carving-28pumpkin carving-29pumpkin carving-33pumpkin carving-35pumpkin carving-36pumpkin carving-38pumpkin carving-41pumpkin carving-42pumpkin carving-43

SO, I should let you all know that I am AWFUL at carving pumpkins. Like really really bad. But I always some how manage to make it work. Justin is a lot more patient & particular whereas I am just butchering my pumpkin. Justin went with a happy face, I went for a fun spooky face.

pumpkin carving-44pumpkin carving-47pumpkin carving-51pumpkin carving-50pumpkin carving-49

It is so great to make memories in our new home! This may seem like a small thing, but these traditions, our traditions, make my heart so happy.

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