Introducing Eliana Faith

It’s been one week since we became a family of four! Eliana Faith joined us on July 18th at 4:08 PM, weighing 10.3 lbs & measuring 21.5 inches long. She is every bit of perfection!

As we prepared for our second baby girl, I felt a bit more confident/experienced. Although it was a bit scary knowing we’d have a second babe to care for, I went into this pregnancy with a better understanding of what it means to be a parent.

Labor & delivery didn’t seem as terrifying the second time around. No one can ever prepare you for what to expect when giving birth & every experience is completely different. Eliana’s delivery was so much faster than her big sister’s. Although I felt more prepared this time around, there are still a lot of surprises!

We had an early morning doctor’s appointment & after a night filled with inconsistent contractions, we were hoping our babe would be arriving soon. The doctor let us know that I was 5cm dilated & that I was probably in active labor throughout the night. She suggested we just head to the hospital.

Eliana Faith-1Eliana Faith-2

Once we arrived to the hospital, I cried when giving my first born a hug. Eliora Grace made me a mother. She has given me the opportunity to grow as a woman & mom for the last three years. She has showed me what it means to be a parent. She has been a shining light in our life & I have treasured every moment with her as our only child.

Eliana Faith-5Eliana Faith-4Eliana Faith-6Eliana Faith-10Eliana Faith-11Eliana Faith-13eliana-faith-14.jpgEliana Faith-16Eliana Faith-17

Once we entered the hospital, everything went really fast! The doctor accidentally broke my water, contractions sped up & I got my epidural while having contractions a minute a part. The medication slowed down my dilation & I was able to rest before getting ready to push. Within an hour of having my epidural, I was ready & after three pushes, Eliana Faith came into the world!

Eliana Faith-18Eliana Faith-20Eliana Faith-22Eliana Faith-23Eliana Faith-26

It is still surreal to me that I was carrying a 10 pound baby. Eliora only weighed 7.13 lbs & I anticipated the second baby to be similar in weight. Like I said, each pregnancy & delivery has it’s own surprises!

Eliana Faith-29Eliana Faith-28

Eliora is completely smitten with her new baby sister. I am so excited to see how she grows within her new role as “big sister”. She constantly points to Eliana saying “That’s MY baby sister.” She is so proud & so in awe of the new baby. It makes my heart so happy & excited to see how their relationship will blossom.

Eliana Faith-41Eliana Faith-48Eliana Faith-47

I am feeling so blessed to have two healthy baby girls & an amazing husband (who took all the pictures throughout labor & delivery)! Thank you to all of our family & friends who have visited, helped or prayed for us throughout this pregnancy/delivery/transition. It is an exciting time & we are so thankful for you all!

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