Shady Lane Farm & Pumpkin Patch 2018

Pumpkin picking has become a yearly things for us. We love the hayrides, finding our perfect pumpkins & running through corn mazes. This year was filled with more beautiful memories!

Eliora and her cousin went straight for the animals! They loved looking/feeding/petting the sheep and chickens. Although Eliora wasn’t too fond of how loud the sheep were.

Pumpkin Patch 18 - 1Pumpkin Patch 18 - 6

Pumpkin Patch 18 - 50Pumpkin Patch 18 - 51

Eliora was all about exploring the playground. She was swinging and sliding and asked for some help climbing from her daddy and baby sister.

Pumpkin Patch 18 - 4Pumpkin Patch 18 - 9Pumpkin Patch 18 - 17Pumpkin Patch 18 - 18Pumpkin Patch 18 - 19Pumpkin Patch 18 - 21

I’m pretty sure Eliora’s favorite thing about our trip was the tractor ride! She looked everywhere in amazement as we rode to the pumpkin patch.

Pumpkin Patch 18 - 29Pumpkin Patch 18 - 26Pumpkin Patch 18 - 25Pumpkin Patch 18 - 24Pumpkin Patch 18 - 33

The bond between these two cousins is the best thing ever. We have loved watching them grow together. They adore each other! I can’t wait to see how their bond will continue to blossom. They each have baby sisters, Eliana & Adeline, who are only four days apart in age! Can’t wait to see the two girls grow up together too!

Pumpkin Patch 18 - 43Pumpkin Patch 18 - 41Pumpkin Patch 18 - 39Pumpkin Patch 18 - 37Pumpkin Patch 18 - 36

Pumpkin picking pics did not make it due to Eliora tripping & falling in a prickle bush. Therefore it was an emotional time spent picking pumpkins. But we finished the day with some more family time.

Pumpkin Patch 18 - 52Pumpkin Patch 18 - 53Pumpkin Patch 18 - 55Pumpkin Patch 18 - 56

Nothing better than family time & cousin love!

Happy Fall, Y’all!

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